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02-27-04, 04:57 PM

I am a partner of an intersexed person.

I am helping out with the next Stockholm Pride festival that will take place in the end of July 04. I wonder if there are any intersexed people who wouldn´t mind taking pictures of themselves and/or their genitals (you can be anonymous of course!) for a photographic exhibition on the Stockholm Pride festival 04 on gender related issues. You yourselves should take the pictures.
If anyone is interested in doing this, please contact me on this forum as soon as possible.
There has already been some great attention about intersexed issues, especially on Stockholm Shame festival (Sweden) and we are hoping to proceed with more information on intersexed issues.

I also met intersexed activist Del LaGrace Volcano 2 years ago.
Del was talking about a photographic project on intersexed people; taking pictures of intersexed people and their genitals for a book.
The material will however not be pornographic; the main reason is to come through the shame and secrecy that many intersexed feel about their genitals and exposing the genital area.

03-01-04, 02:48 AM
Hi Ana,

I can't sleep so I hope you won't mind if I vent a little. Just a little. Cause I'm really sick of medical photos. And to me that's what making public photos of my privates amounts to. I'm not ashamed of my genitals even though they've operated on them almost as many times as MJ's nose. I've been examined in a room with one-way glass. I've laid on a cold steel table with interns gawking at my genitals. I don't look the way I did when they first stood me against a wall to take pictures of my nakedness. And I can't even have copies of those pictures! :(

Would anyone at work or at my church take "non pornographic" photos of their genitals for publication to prove that they weren't ashamed of them? What does that prove? And if I did it anonomously, wouldn't it prove that I really was ashamed?

All I really, really want is for everyone but my husband to leave my genitals alone. Forget about them. They're none of your business! :mad:

Ok, enough. Back to bed now. My Meniere's is kicking in anyway and if I push it I won't be able to stand up.

Thank you for your kind patience and understanding,

03-01-04, 01:27 PM
hi ana,

I use to be the partner of a genetically correct female.

I do not understand why you feel it neccesary to display nude photos' of intersexed people ,to promote intersex awareness.

I learnt every thing I needed to know about intersex on the net, and from talking to people. I did not need to see pictures of their genitalia to know that it is theirs and they have "rights" ,, the same as anyone else.

I do not need to show you or any one else , my privates, to know that I should not have to feel ashamed .
we do not need anyones' approval .
The whole point ,,,is that it doesn't matter what our genetalia " LOOKS" like,,,,,,,,, if its healthy , leave it the hell alone ,,, until we as" human beings ", tell you different.

You want to bring some awareness to intersex ? want to make a statement?
get a doll ,,,,,,,, put a gag on it , to show the child not having a voice,,,,,,,,,then take pictures of an alien in a doctors coat , to show how the operation feels like an abdution . then take pictures of the doctor sawing away at the child genetalia.
And don't forget to take pictures of the parents with blindfolds on their eyes and question marks above their heads.

If it's pictures people want then they can buy our calender if it comes out. at least that way we will benefit from it .

I am truely sorry if I seem harsh , but I get a sick freakish feeling when I see people asking for unidentifiable pictures of intersex people.
Flashbacks of all the strangers gawking at me in the nude all the time.

pictures taken for the sole purpose of putting our privates on display?,, sorry this intersexed dude is not for it.
Anyone want nude pics? send you check payable Bodies Like Ours. lol

take care ,,,peace, love ,,, and all that good stuff......wooohoo

03-02-04, 12:55 PM
Hi again!

Yeah, I think you are right. I am sorry if I offended you.

It is however not necessary to expose your genitalia, (anonymously if you want). I got the idea from former photographic exhibitions that we had before on Sthlm Pride festival, where we f.ex had female genitalias exposed. I might be naive, but I thought that it might be an idea to do the same with IS people.

In feminist self-awareness groups it is also not so rare or strange to picture your genitalias, as also many (bio)women feel very ashamed and 'detached' from our bodies and organs. We have discussed whether it´s a good or bad thing to expose our female genitalias in public, if it can help us to take more control of our bodies and sexuality. I as a 'bio-woman' also have problems with accepting my body, sexuality and genitalia as the female genitalia/sexuality is often depicted in various pornographic poses and for pornographic purposes. As a (bio)woman, I have learnt that my genitalia is somewhat strange or appalling to people.
That my own and many other womens genitalias mainly serves the pleasures of men; their desires and needs. I think it´s a great shame that the very few pictures you get of IS peoples sexual organs, are mostly the ones in medical pictures and in some pornographic sets and I wanted to make some sort of difference to that... I thought that a Pride - festival could be a good forum to do so, as there are many transgendered people (as well as homo, bi and pansexuals) who will visit this festival.

But sure, this calendar that you and Betsy mentioned is a far better idea! :)'
I do hope it will be printed. If you´ll get it finished by end of July, please contact me so that we can sell it for the benefit of BLO!

03-07-04, 05:00 PM

Ana.....after I finished reading last post, I was left with a question......

What is a pansexual????

Well good luck with the calender!


03-08-04, 12:17 AM
I think it's a great idea. I love the human form, including the erotic. Tim and I are nudists and our home has lots of nude art. I used to be terribly traumatized by medical examination scrutiny and was afraid people would think my intersexed genitals monsterous because that is what I'd been told. I never had any surgery. This was, of course, a lie - people find me sexy and exotic. Nudism, walking around totally nude and totally ordinary amoung nude people of all sizes, shapes, scars, surgeries etc. slowly clensed me of all that old body image trauma.
I really like the idea of a feature of genitals like you describe. If it's inclusive of male/female AND intersex genitals I think that would give it a very different feel - the feeling of unity vs. singling out. Celebrating diversity means including diversity. We hide what we are ashamed of - we display what we appreciate. Sharing pictures of genitals can be done in a way that shares parts of ourselves with others. It's all in how it's done. Example:
I have a fantastic photo study of nudes in the desert that includes a non-op transsexual or intersexed woman who is just a part of this group of nude friends. There is no feeling that she is somehow out of place - quite the opposite. The photographer had a sense of beauty and sensuality that had plenty of room in it for her.
It's very true that although the female nude has been celebrated by every art form imaginable many have been raised with such shame they still can't even name the parts of their genitals and refer to "down there" or even use terms like "unmentionables". This is not enticing - it's positively creepy. Although people talk about cocks, penises, members... incessantly you practically never see full frontal male nudity short of classic art or pornography. Seeing an erect penis gets more of a horror reaction out of the general public than seeing people disemboweled. I think ALL genitals get a very bad rap in this shame-based society and they don't deserve it. We don't deserve it. If we value love and intimacy we can't shame and hide genitals. Genitlas are one of our greatest places of connection to each other. If it weren't for this shame over genitals the medical establishment wouldn't be so quick to want to refashion ours.
I'm all for visibility. Make our faces, our bodies and our sexuality as commonplace as theirs.


03-08-04, 06:29 AM
Hi, Jim, I somehow agree with you. You said,

quote 1
"I think ALL genitals get a very bad rap in this shame-based society and they don't deserve it. We don't deserve it. If we value love and intimacy we can't shame and hide genitals".

One day (January this year), I was on the computer in the Charls Shultz library at Sonoma State university and serching the Intersex groups. After I typed "intersex" on the auto search engine, as soon as an intersex/or other sex sites with the flash player popped up on the monitor one sex site after another. I tried to cool down and manage to close one window and another windows but I was not cool I basically embressed because there were 3-4 people behind me. However, if the artistic nude pictures or Georgia Okeefe's flower, I would not embarresed. Most people might offend or unwanted sexual advances of the genitals in some public places, that what reason, most civilized society ware the clothing. I am not into the Nudist things. I will not be nude in public/semi-public. However, when i was in Japan, eath house may not have a shower or bath. Working class citizen sometimes go to the public bath place called Sento (nothing sexual) to clean/wash out bodies after long day's work or school things.

quote 2.
"Genitlas are one of our greatest places of connection to each other. If it weren't for this shame over genitals the medical establishment wouldn't be so quick to want to refashion ours".

Yea, I am checking infants' genitals five days a week to see if there are any diaper rash when I change thier diapers. Ohh well, this experince may not count, but whenever I change infant's diapers every 2 hours(yea, this is my occupation people), a care giver (or more fancy way of saying is "educational technician") which establish trust and intimacy between infants and a care giver.
Anyway, I do not expose own ginital on the public or internet XXX sites, but I don't mined to take a picture of own genital for an artistic expression (painting or photography) or passing information to next generation anoynomacily.


03-09-04, 02:41 AM
Yesteraday, I made a statement: "but I don't mined to take a picture of own genital for an artistic expression (painting or photography) or passing information to next generation anoynomacily."

I was thinking about it during day why I made such a bold statement. However, in the reality, I probably not enough gut to do that thing.

You know people, my mood swings.

03-09-04, 01:42 PM
I'm also fond of social nudity, and it helps overcome absurdly negative lessons from childhood. Not to mention it feels good!

There's a lot to be gained from diminishing the sideshow effect, by showing lots of unique bodies, not just ones which are intersexed.


03-10-04, 10:04 AM
One of the most important things I've learned from social nudism - and this was an epiphany for me - is that my intersexed body is not so dramatically different from other bodies as to make me practically another species. I'd internalized that concept VERY deeply and it was hard to purge it. As a kid I told other kids I'd fallen from another planet like Superman and that everyone had to keep it a secret (like superman) because I would be persecuted by the ignorant masses. Then I would show them my genitals to prove it. At times I believed this fantasy and all the other boys I let in on it did too. I wasn't a freak to the "in" group I created. I was a baby super-hero. There were people I could trust, the rest of the world would surely kill me.

Wandering around amoung HUNDREDS of other naked people at a Nudist camp gave me a chance to do some comparative anatomy. Talking about bodies with other people has given me the chance to hear other's pain about unrealistic body image expectations. I discovered that some people, (whose sexual anatomy was standard), had far worse body image problems, suffered far more shame and fear and were treated with more scorn than I had ever been. I discovered that there is a whole lot of variation in sexual anatomy and the whole population is not made up of the "ideal" except for me, the exception. I found myself giving them pep talks - not the other way around!!!

Our experiences, struggles, suffering.....have made us a valuable resource. We have a lot to give to others. I used to give that lecture to my handicapped kids whose bodies are twisted up. I told them that they had learned that physical perfection is an empty goal and that beauty isn't limited to fashion models. They learned this before they hit puberty. They were way ahead of their peers who would struggle to learn that lesson for decades. It turned out that my lesson to them wasn't just right for them. It applied to me too.


03-21-04, 12:55 PM
I found a web-site that has friendly pictures of a nude intersex person. The link is:

OK, OK, I am editing this post in light of follow up posts. I take full responsibility, and Jim has nothing to do with this.



The site is interesting, and includes mention of our very own "Bodies" forum and intersex awareness. The main picture is an example of what people have been discussing here, a nude frontal photograph of an intersex person showing their friendly smiling face without shame.


03-21-04, 02:34 PM
Always comes back.


While my feelings about photos have changed since the original thread, I couldn't help but chuckle some when Peter posted the link again.


Billie Q.
03-21-04, 04:35 PM
Originally posted by Betsy
Always comes back.


While my feelings about photos have changed since the original thread, I couldn't help but chuckle some when Peter posted the link again.


In that thread "hermit" wrote:

"As for the "circus-like" appearance of the pages on the site, the design goal was to have simple, color-full pages with a common theme - in appearance and content. Also, I wanted the pages to load quickly, consume minimal bandwidth, yet be attractive enough to encourage visitors to linger and read a bit."

Ah, I see. So the "hermit" site is intended for educational purposes, not the promotion of a circuslike atmosphere.

That's why they have a picture of someone masturbating. Makes sense to me. Very educational (insert roll-eyes smiley here).

That link is offensive, and Jim and Peter both showed poor judgement in not warning potential viewers that it featured sexually explicit (non-clinical) photos.