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Old 04-17-12, 05:36 PM
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New Study of Women with Androgen Disorders Observes Overlap Effect

This is the study I was citing I didn't have a copy of. It is a very intriguing look at women with evidence of androgen excess, and the extent to which multiple CAH-related enzyme deficiencies occur together. Now I should probably get my 3-beta tested!



Hirsutism in women is a clinical manifestation of excessive production of androgens. The source of the excess androgen may be either the ovaries or the adrenal glands, or increased peripheral conversion of weak androgenic hormones to more potent androgens. Late-onset (non-classic) congenital adrenal hyperplasia is a cause of hirsutism in adult women, but its frequency and the patterns of abnormalities in adrenal hormone secretion are not well understood. The frequency of non-classical adrenal hyperplasia due to deficiencies of 3 beta-hydroxy-delta 5-steroid dehydrogenase, 21-hydroxylase, and 11 beta-hydroxylase among 65 women with hirsutism were determined. All enzyme defects were identified by comparing the patients' hormonal responses to 0.25 mg intravenous bolus of alpha 1-24-ACTH with those of age-matched normal women. The hormones measured in plasma during the ACTH stimulation tests were progesterone, 17-hydroxypregnenolone, 17-hydroxyprogesterone, DHEA-sulfate, androstenedione, testosterone, 11-deoxycortisol, and cortisol. Similarly these hormones were measured after overnight 1 mg oral dexamethasone. Twelve women (18.5%) had 3 beta-hydroxy-delta 5-steroid dehydrogenase deficiency, 24 (37%) 21-hydroxylase deficiency, and 14 (21.5%) 11 beta-hydroxylase deficiency. Women with 21-hydroxylase deficiency also had evidence of a partial deficiency in 11 beta-hydroxylase activity (12 of the 24 patients). Similarly, most (11 of the 14) of the women with 11 beta-hydroxylase deficiency also had evidence of a deficiency in 3 beta-hydroxy-delta 5-steroid dehydrogenase activity. Among the 15 patients with no adrenal biosynthetic defect, eight had high plasma androgen concentrations, and seven had normal concentrations.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)
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