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In The News Have you seen or heard something lately in the news that people with Bodies Like Ours would be interested in? This is the place to share it.

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Old 08-07-06, 05:30 PM
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Grey's Anatomy, Hermaphrodite?

Did anyone else catch the Show last night 6 Aug, i am not sure if was a repeat or a new show. But it dealt a great deal kinder and with alot more emotions then what i have seen from others shows.
essential details.

1. young teenage girl who was taking large dose of birth control for breat developement, self administered as she thought she was a freak, because they were not growing.
2. growth developed in abdomin, near an ovary?, non cancerous but a biopsy of the ovary? was taken and found out to be a testes.
3. Debate ove telling her/him with parents led to the Doctors refusing to take out the testes even though thats what the parents wanted. they saw there daughter as a girl and thought it would be best if she didn't know she had a testes.
4. one of the young male interns let slip that she/ he needed to know, had a right to know, as she/he would most likely one day find out, the parents ended up telling her, and just before commercial you see her/him speaking under her breathe "yes" with raised fist.
5. Debate out in the hall with George"intern" and a resident Doctor and parents over what George had done.
6. towards the end of show she/he asked George(intern) for a pair of scissors, and when George comes back in and starts to cut his hair, the parents show up. The Mother comes forward and ends up cutting her sons hair.

overall, it was a much better show then the last one were they had a man with an extra ovary internally, last years episode. that one seemed callous to me. And that episode seemed to be more of how Doctor Meyer treated me 4 years ago, Had to be oporated on, with out my concent, or knowledge. Anyways i thought last nights episode was a great deal better then what many of the tv shows have been putting out. i actually liked it, and i wish many other I.S. people are fortunate enough to have parents as understanding. Even though it was a show. i found it inspirational. I hope other shows mention similar story lines, but, that great care is taking when tv execs approve them. I do remember the house episode, and i thought that was crap.

thanks all
Kailana Sidrandi Alaniz, The Screaming Banshee
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