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Old 03-13-10, 12:17 AM
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Born male, 'concealed penis' / partial vagina? and testosterone

I'm a gay male born with a 'concealed' penis that can be erect both externally and internally. It has been supposed that I may have a partial vagina.

I have not had any help with / from doctors....urologists, endochronologists, etc . . . I grew up believing I was intersexed because of the 'condition'.

I otherwise look male. I've never had much of a libido. And, after dealing with much baggage in my life (from childhood sexual abuse) I finally started asking the docs about my genitalia and whether I was intersexed or not.

From what I've since discovered I have the lowest score for testosterone in the so-called 'normal' range for males.

What I don't understand is - just because it may be the 'average' of what is normal for most doesn't necessarily it is the 'normal' for me. True?

I do not have a happy life in regards to relationships intimately - which is what I long for because when dating women (before coming out gay) I didn't find much as a gay male - I find gay men want some form of 'normal' penis....which mine is not. So, it's a catch 22.

Here is the question - if a FtoM begins testosterone therapy to masculinize the effect may actually cause the clitoris to grow. Now - if that is true wouldn't it be possible for male sex organs to be affected to some degree as well? (not necessarily major growth) - but, it seems that if certain things are supposedly finished 'growing' when teenagers - but, some people suddently grow/develop breasts or clitoris enlarge in older years - isn't it possible for a penis to also develop a bit more - if for some reason it didn't?
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